Ductile Iron Grooved Equal Cross No180

  • Generally, Ductile iron Grooved Equal Cross No180is used to separate branches of a pipeline as a special pipe fitting.
  • The grooved reducing cross is characterized by a reduced diameter, as opposed to other branches.
  • The fitting is called a cross if both pipes are of the same diameter.
  • A wide array of wholesale fittings branches applications is performed by these fittings, including petrochemicals, oil, natural gas, power plants, food sanitation, building construction, and urban development.



Product Description

Product Parameter

Certificated UL/FM
END Threaded or Groove
FINISH RED or Orange


What are the disadvantages of ductile iron pipe Disadvantages?

  1. Ductile iron Grooved Equal Cross No180 Similar corrosion rate to cast iron and steel pipe.
  2. Prone to external and internal corrosion.
  3. Internal and external protection systems required.
  4. Limited number of protection systems available.
  5. Polyethylene wrappings can be damaged.
  6. Today, Ductile iron Grooved Equal Cross No180standard compact fittings C153 are commonly used in place of full
  7. Body fittings C110. They are designed to be to be more lightweight and more economical to use while providing better flow characteristics.

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Ductile Iron Grooved Equal Cross No180

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