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Product Parameter

Size Range DN50 x DN32 to DN100 x DN32 (2″ x 1¼” to 4″ x 3″)
MAXIMUM WORKING PRESSURE Up to 20.7 bar (300 psi)*
WORKING TEMPERATURE -34°C to 110°C (-30°F to 230°F)
FINISH Red painted or Galvanised
MATERIAL Ductile Iron


What is the purpose of a mechanical tee?

  1. Threaded grooved mechanical tee NPT Outlet create outlets that exit pipes, but the outlet is not necessarily the same size as the main pipe. Indeed, many mechanical tees are reducing, meaning that the branch pipe is smaller than the main pipe. Outlet size is also given in nominal pipe size, not actual size.
  2. Mechanical Tees provide a fast and easy mid pipe outlet the requires no welding.
  3. A direct branch connection can be made anywhere you can cut a hole in the pipe.
  4. They are mounted to the pipe using a collar and provide a smooth flow area.
  5. Gaskets conform to the O.D. of the pipe, they are of a pressure responsive design, so they provide a complete seal.
  6. Allows easy creation of a BSP threaded branch outlet without using reducing tees, couplings or welding.
  7. 2 1/2″ (65mm) Female BSP threaded branch outlet
  8. Red painted body in ductile iron with an EPDM rubber seal
  9. FM (Factory Mutual) & UL certified
  10. For use with 6″ NB (165.1mm OD) & 2 1/2″ NB (76.1mm OD) pipe
  11. 2x 5/8″ bolts (105mm length) & hexagon nuts included.

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Threaded Grooved Mechanical Tee NPT Outlet


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